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studio Fuho

"The long path from material through function to creative work has only one goal: to create order out of the desperate confusion of our time. - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe"

©photo Babeth Albert

i.s.m. architecten

"There is no inside except as a folding of the outside; the mirror cracks, I am an other, and I always was."
(Mark Fisher, The Weird and the Eerie)

©photo i.s.m. architecten & Luis Díaz Díaz


“Gather around Brussels"

©photo lies Van Ginderachter

CHHT en Axelle Vertommen

"She (Anni Albers) recognized their geometrical patterns and schematised figures as a substitute for a non-existing literary language" (Ann Coxon e.a. over Anni Albers. Uit het boek Anni Albers)

"Colourful and fun, yet practical furniture pieces and interiors that put a smile on your face."

©photo Charlotte Thomas | Kaatje Verschoren

Manon Clement

"Manon Clement's work will always start from the word and will further develop in the space of textiles"
(Hilde Van Canneyt)

©photo Sara De Graeve & Manon Clement


"I’m fascinated with traditional textiles; this is often a big inspiration at the point where I start my creative process."

©photo Alexandra Colmenares

Timon Mattelaer

“Sustainable, environment friendly and low-waste. "

©photo Timon Mattelaer

Louise Richard

"Material is a means of communication. (...) The listening to material, not dominating it makes us truly active, that is : to be active, be passive. The finer tuned we are to it, the closer we come to art."
(Anni Albers, Material as a metaphor, 1982)

©photo portret: William Delvoye |  others: Dominique Michiels &Louise Richard

Liesbet Lutin

"in search of color, shape and functionality”

©photo Liesbet Lutin

Design in residence_2022

14.10 > 16.10

vernissage 14.10 | 6pm > 22pm

Louise Daneels

ceramic illustrations

insta: louisedaneels

Collaboration Ana María Gómez & Juan Pablo Plazas

*Surprise object *

insta: anamgomezsuarez
insta: juanpabloplazasaenz

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