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"I’m fascinated with traditional textiles; this is often a big inspiration at the point where I start my creative process."

©photo alexandra Colmenares

Bavo de Furne ceramics

"Working with clay, my hands give a direct expression to the ideas in my head. Sometimes, my hands take control and my mind becomes a mere witness. The contact with the piece that I am making is close and pure. When I fire the pots I try to capture the beauty of this process in stoneware."

©photo bavo de furne

Amorce Studio

“Notre travail s’inspire de techniques artisanales que l’on associe à des matériaux contemporains. Nous concevons en unissant nos compétences afin d’assurer le suivi de projet du premier dessin jusqu’à la fabrication.”

©photo amorce


"The studio specializes in interior and design. Projects are about re-approaching everyday products and spaces.
The interaction between imagination, concept and realization is central in Fragmenture's work. "

©photo evenbeeld

Atelier mi

“The chinese character “米“ means “rice” or “a grain of rice”.
Rice is something humble and small, and yet it makes a huge difference to mankind. “

©photo atelier mi ceramics


"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
Oscar Wilde

Liesbet Lutin

"in search of color, shape and functionality”


“To make a sustainable material more used, more desired, more appreciated, it would make sense to highlight its aesthetic qualities, right? And then aesthetics can become function.”

©photo Ronald Smits

Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte 
Design Studio

“My designs are indeed symbolic of an urge to break free from the mundane, to chase originality”

©photo mikomiko studio

Studio lauka

"Nous n'avons jamais été modernes”
Bruno Latour

©photo studio lauka


“Ik zie een product als een communicatiekanaal om verhalen te vertellen en situaties te schetsen”

Ulla Janssens

"Sometimes I don't overthink too much while creating. I just start and let me get surprised by the result"

Zigmund Pront

designer in residence @ B-collective
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Adriaan Tas & Luca Beel

multifunctionele meubelontwerp ‘Roman’

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