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B-collective is a Brussels-based design initiative by Sophie Laenen, architect since 1992.
It is located in the Rouppestraat in the centre of Brussels on walking distance of the Grande Place and the Sablon. The house is since 2008 the base for B-sis as well, the B&B of the two sisters Katrien and Sophie. 

Platform for Belgian creatives. Bringing their fascinating work to be seen. The focus is on unique items and limited series. The monumental form and aesthetics are given priority over functionality. Experiments with materials and techniques lead to objects that surprises and moves. We are happy sharing these upcoming talents who are proud to be Belgian...

For B-collective it all started with the dream ‘escaping for a while’ from the rigid world of the office, and bringing people together. Talking with designers about possible collaborations, brought me on the idea of bringing the focus not on projects but on people and objects.
A lot of inspiring objects took my attention. But more important to me is to meet the designers. There is nothing that brings you more directly to a creator’s thinking than his working environment.
This year everything was different. With the lockdown travelling around was not an option at first.
I took the time to look for new talent on different way’s and postponed the visits.
There was time to think and overthink, to plan and to look forward.

We all spend more time at home, we all attach more importance to cosiness.
And in a way you can feel the influence of this phenomenon on the work of designers.
There is the tendency of using more natural materials with more textures. More and more we see that ceramics sneak into the world of design.
The objects of Victor for example. Made out of clay they explore the border between sculpture and furniture, challenging our view of the ordinary. Also the ambiguous objects of Maxime don’t reveal their secrets.
I met Victor in his studio. Mysterious molds filled the space around us waiting to turn into beautiful objects. Right away we had all kind of conversation like if we already met in a previous life… This felt like it’s meant to be: interesting thinking, good vibes and nice conversations.
On the other side there is also a feeling of increasing reflection. We all had a lot of time to think, to wander, to reflect. And maybe that’s why Thibeau took my attention. His work is very intriguing with fascinating layers of meaning.
His sculptural mirror for example confronts the spectator with ‘real’ reflection, a moment of contemplation...
Anas from studio NAS was no stranger for me, he already visited B-collective previous editions. I discovered that NAS in Arabic means ‘people’, this common goal to work and get inspired by other people, brought us together.

And finally it’s no secret that I’m crazy about Brussels, so my new friend in crime must be Lies. I wonder if she’s even worse than me… Her objects shows how passionate she is about her hometown! And Brussels deserves it. Beautiful Penta’s fill her home (and also mine :-)

All over the world everyone is trying to find a way to go back to normal.
This includes creating space for young designers to exhibit their work in an unforced environment. And there is an excess of young talent who wants to meet up with others and share inspiring stories.
Background and language doesn’t matter, a fascinating mixture brings interesting dialogue about beautiful objects.
Talking to the designers brought me into all kind of interesting stories and maybe it will carry you along.
Stories about materials, texture, about contemplation, about modularity, about international experiences, about beauty …
and of course, about the passion for making!

From 16 September 2021 till 21 November 2021. Thursday & Friday from 01pm till 06 pm | Saturday from 12.00 till 06pm

Rue Rouppe 1- Rue Philippe De Champagne 21 | 1000 Brussels
+32 476 39 7 137

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